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Rabid Amimals
5 October 1955
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I am Rabid: Peter Pan's only son. The once heartbroken poet of Never Never Land and here's my proof.

A Lover's Farewll

My life now moves at a turtles crawl,
as i sit by the phone awaiting your call.
When you left my heart it cried,
"I will not feel without you by my side".

Has it been months weeks or days?
God how I miss your loving ways.
I'm losing my mind, must clean the slate.
You're the one that left me this fate.

In my heart I'll hope you'll call.
But hearts have no brains, no brains at all.
When I saw you today, I was forced to flee.
You'll never again see a heartbroken me.

I went out to our garden, picked you a rose,
with gun in hand, now I will close.
tears are comming, as I return to our room,
a place of such joy, now filled with gloom.

Rose to pillow, my way is clear.
Remember always, I love you dear.
Quietly and still I lay in our bed,
one thing left, the gun to my head.

Looking out the window, I notice the rain.
I know this is crazy, I know it insane.
I chamber the round my end is near,
Eternity without you my only fear.

Any questions?
Pan's boy
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